Soundigital’s new line of switched sources is full of new technology. The most relevant of these is the synchronous rectification where the diodes exit and enter the mosfets. This newness increased efficiency and allowed the delivery of more energy and reduction in heating. Also added was the voltmeter that facilitates the monitoring of voltage in real time and also added the tension adjustment for convenience. This allows for use in various other applications such as nautical and breacks.


  • Variable output voltage from 12 VDC to 14.4 VDC
    Maximum output current 150a
    Supply voltage 127 / 220V automatic bivolt
    Total efficiency ~ 85%
    PWM modulated switching power supply
    Short circuit and overcurrent protection
    Internal protection fuse
    Silent cooling by internal fan
    Exclusive Synchronous cooling system (lower heating and higher efficiency)
    Robust output connector
    3-digit digital voltmeter
    Remote trigger: Turns on the voltmeter even though the power supply is not connected.
    ICE connector for power
    Cable 1.2 mt standard NBR 14136 20A